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Wine Guide
An indispensable, user-friendly guide to France’s best and best-value wines. Don’t leave home without it!
Wine & Food Guide
The first and only in-depth guide to the wines and foods of the Loire.
My various reflections on Didier Dagueneau compiled and posted here.
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My Previously Published (and retrievable) Articles
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A guide to the people who make frequent appearances in FrenchFeast and their gastronomic (or other) tales.
Wine Tours


Many people planning to come to the Loire write to me asking which winemakers to visit, which restaurants to go to, which hotels &/​or B&Bs to stay in.

So, I'm wondering: would you like me to:

a) Set up your appointments with winemakers?

b) Make restaurant and/​or hotel reservations?

c) Conduct a private tasting?

d) Arrange a one-day, two-day, or more itinerary?

e) Accompany you on your tasting tour?

If so, please send me an email. Also, read the text below for other possibilities.

Proselytizing doesn’t end with writing. I preach the pleasures of wine in many different ways--in tastings, in wine-oriented tours of Paris and in custom-tailored tours of wine regions.

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Sample Tastings include basic wine appreciation (The Pleasures of Wine 101) or themed tastings, focusing on a region, a grape variety and/​or a style of wine. (These can be organized on relatively short notice.)

Sample Wine Tours of Paris:

a) a wine-bar crawl at aperitif hour. We stop in two, three or four wine bars, I explain the mechanics of tasting (if desired) with the first wine at the first bar, we move on and we snack and sip for an hour or two;

b) half day or full day in which we visit a couple of wine bars, wine shops and end with a food-and-wine pairing meal (lunch or dinner) after having met the sommelier and visited the restaurant’s cellars.

Wine tours in wine regions: depending on the destination--and your energy--one, two or three day itineraries in which we visit three to four wineries a day, leaving time for at least one nice, long meal (and, if desired, two). We’ll taste regional specialties and sample the best wines.

We’ll also get special treatment as I know most, if not all, of the people involved. (There will also be ‘down’ time--to nap, shop, meander, and visit major sights.)

Regarding the possibility of events anywhere/​anytime: see my response to Rajeev's letter in TheMailRoom.

Watch this spot. Or contact me.